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Bobby's Anime Tribute

Anime Tribute (Dragonball Z )

On this page i will talk about dragonballz and some. of the greats fighters

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lets talk about vegeta mmmkay now. vegeta is one of the most greatest fighter he can beat his son but. he can not beat goku he hates goku because goku beats hem all the time. and did i tell you that vegeta is could heated because he is will thats all i can say about vegeta so enjoy my website and have fun.

time to talk about goku he is the best of the best in the show dragonballz. hes beating freeza buu and cell will not freeza trunks did he beat cell and buu but he is the greatest fighter in the universe GO GO GOKU.



trunks. trunks is a cool guy but not as cool as vegeta now to talk about trunks. he is one of the gratest fighters just like vegeta. and goku trunks beat freeza so easyly it was cool relly cool thats all i can say on trunks GO TRUNKS GO.

 dragonballz is the best show and do not forget it

Hello I'm Lord&Master, I'm Minutaurmistressluna's little bro..Wont say much more here, enjoy the site and don't forget to sign the g-book!