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Bobby's Anime Tribute

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Here you'll see reviews on my fav anime shows, each page is a different show and different picture so if you gain any suggestions don't hesitate to e-mail me!!

Here we have the lovely page dedicated to Inu Yasha... The Word on Inu Yasha? It's a highly funny and action packed anime starring a very stubborn hanyou a rather lecherous monk a sassy demon slayer and an innocent school girl who needs the largest attitude adjustment when it comes to her mood swings.
 The Hanyou we all know as Inu Yasha himself with his dog ears and stubborn ways this half demon is always good for saving the day or handing out a couple awesome laughs or two, he's a real "charm" to have around.
 The oh so lecherous monk who I hate for moving in on MY woman ( long story -_-"; don't ask..). Miroku is a buddist monk with the wind void in his right hand that could probably tear down countless villages and wooded areas. He's not one to mess with if your demon and piss him off. None the less his perverted ways vary from funny to just wrong as he travels along with our beloved hanyou and Co.
 The young innocent school girl Kagome is the one who is slowly taiming Inu's stubborn ways, falling through the bone eaters well on her 15th b-day kagome's life has yet to show some normality,as her journey leads on with Inu and Co. None the less she is a rather exceptable character who could kick Kikyo's ass any day whether she be a reincarnation or not.
Last but certainly the best in our four main characters is the Sassy demon Slayer Sango who's always up for a good fight. Coming into the series with tradegy and dramatics in her back round she tends to have alot of emotional problems involving her lost family and that good for nothing demon Naraku. On her good days she's awesome to be around and is a very charming young woman, traveling with Inu and Co. she is a very respected character and has proven her worthy of the group more then once in battle and in friendship.


Here is a pic from my good ol' fav show, Inuyasha, I know it's not much but HEY! I have nothing better to do.....

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