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Idiot Boyfriend - Inu - Kag Shrine

About Me

This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

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 Well, Now it's time to bore you all with Info about me, Well....If you havn't guessed already I'm a happy teen living in none other then Canada. The snow is deep but actually warm if you dig deep enough.. (Kidding we have what you call...THE 4 SEASONS BABY!! ) LOL Right well, I'm a very enthusiastic young lady who loves her anime, I also enjoy calming down for a good book, (vampire novels..) or if i'm feeling really bouncy, I just spend the day with my friends either down town or at the movies.. A little tid bit about me I simply love writing, doodling and singing and dancing.. (ONLY DDR BEGINNER OR AT ACTUAL DANCES!!)
So thats me for ya...Oh and if your wondering i'm the best friend you'll ever have.

I'm living in a large portuguese family, I'm the middle out of 5 kids and my family is HUGE at christmas. I love being part of a huge family and couldn't dream of ever getting a smaller one. I'm very emotional I love children and my younger siblings mean the world to me.. (Eh first off - NO I don't walk around with a day dreamy voice talking about flowers all day i'm actually quite normal, kinda....OH SHUT IT!! ) Lol....Below is a pic of well....ME!!

Aw, Lunch time, the best time
of the school day..

Heh, school.....Always a hoot.

Yup thats me to your left, or right it depends on where your sitting I guess....See? I'm a normal girl and judging by the nose, very very portuguese. Heh, other then that i'm basicly a plain looking girl.
Now back to your regular Inu!!


My top two movies, fav movies are..
Team America World Police
                 & of course...
Benny and Joon, (It's a classic Johnny Depp,)
(no i'm not in love with him...)

My three favorite songs...
Black Wind Fire and Steel....
    Redundant - Green Day (which is coincidently the back round music for this page...just click "play" )
Your Signs by Nonpoint.
(If you know the artist of Black Wind Fire and Steel PLEASE tell me via e-mail..)

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Welcome to Idiot boyfriend, please keep your hands and feet in the ride at all times, and brace your self for lotsa and lotsa sits!!