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Idiot Boyfriend - Inu - Kag Shrine

Final Comments.


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Holy mother of eh - *laughs nervously* I almost said a bad one but.....WHOA!! You stuck through until the very end of the site.............THE VERY END!! *faints...* I need to make a speech!!

I would like to thank my family for believing in me, and my friends for laughing with me the whole way, I would like to thank you my darling fan for being strange enough to get this far!

*rambles on*  It was the best of times it was the worst of times, long cold nights studying and researching for the value this web site is today, but it was only in my hard work that I was able to do this. I've walked a far road with many smiles and tears I dug tooth and nail into the concrete of possibility to make this site come true. For this my friends is a dream MY FIRST WEB SITE WITH G-BOOK, CHAT ROOM AND BACKROUND MUSIC FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT!! It is with great pleasure I present this web site to the public! HOWEVER!! I could have never *insert tears* accomplished this without your help! Although I was independant it was YOU who drove me to success!! YOU! With out your willingness and co-operation I would have never NEVER have succeeded in this victory! My people my family and my friends thank you thank you thank you!! For this I will never forget it!!! *takes a bow as a bunch of people cheer*
LOL!!! Talk about a speech and with that backround music.........Just a tad corny hmmmmm? *shrug* Aw well I had fun!  How about you!?!?!  

Please my darling fans spread the word of my site!! Not only for me but for you! This site is an oppurtunity on how many new people you can meet! IT'S A GOLDEN OPPURTUNITY FOR ALL SO STAND UP AND SING WITH ME!! *cough* never mind as a "reward" for coming this far you get.....................this semi long agonizing speech!

This is the end of the road.......................*tear* I'll update.....I PROMISE!!

Welcome to Idiot boyfriend, please keep your hands and feet in the ride at all times, and brace your self for lotsa and lotsa sits!!