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Idiot Boyfriend - Inu - Kag Shrine

A day in the life.

A day in the life of Inu.....................

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Aw, yes the love of his life. RAMEN what better way of starting off the day with none other then a bowl of Ramen, thats right ramen....instant noodles........ THE BEST FOOD EVER AND FOR INU, AWESOME BREAKFAST FOOD!!



Not far after breakfast Inu proves to all how much of an "Idiot Boyfriend" he actually is when evidently he says something quite stupid and earns a well brought up "SIT" or "OSIWARI!!" from Rumiko's Kagome. His day isn't comeplete if he doesn't get sat...It's just wrong without them.....



Being sat is fun but who can live a day without getting thrown around like a rag doll? This tends to happen often as proven above. Edit Text


( Forgive The Fuzzyness....) After a hard days battle surprisingly despite his "Idiot" ways Inu finds time to snuggles close to his darling Kagome with a bluch creeping up his face. Before... Edit Text



However no one can stand being thrown around all day, SO!! Inu gets all roar...Drops the sword and beats down Kouga's @$$!!!!!!! Lol........GO INU!!!


Turning in for the night....AWWWWW and so ends a day in the life of Inu.......

Welcome to Idiot boyfriend, please keep your hands and feet in the ride at all times, and brace your self for lotsa and lotsa sits!!