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Always and Forever Sesshomaru and Kagome...

Wow, I havn't updated in so long, well here's the scoop a fan of the site has dedicated her time into creating a wonderful sessy / kag fan fic. Chapters 1 - 2 are on a newly added page in the navi bar. Eventually their will be an e-mail for you to contact her and a direct link to her own personal web site. Also I've changed the back round music to a cute little song from Moulin Rouge.
Anyway hope you enjoy it, I do so far, please leave your comments. (ABSOLUTELY NO FLAMES!)
- Update, I've decided to link all my tripod web sites together in a way forming one big one. It's all mostly Inu, Anime Tribute however my little brother made so be nice o.k! I had to type some stuff for him (alot lol) but he really tried so no flames!


Welcome All to my Sesshomaru & Kagome shrine...
I'm so glad you decided to feel the love!


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Heylo everyone and Weclome to my Sess/Kag shrine...Yes I know it's a hopeless dream they'll never be.BUUUUUUUUUUT!!!! Who cares right? We might as well have fun with the whole process....So you know look around enjoy your self and don't hate me!!!! Love you all!

Wouldn't it be swell if I had a picture of sessh........right here!

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Oh Ya I got a g-book no more waiting around!!! Oh and ummmmm I changed the back round cuz you can't see sesshy's face!!!! So....Ya ENJOY!!!!!!

Kagome: What are we gonna do now?
she said as she cradled into his warmth further.
Sesshomaru: I wish I knew...The second my brother knows..
He stopped his words looking down at her. If he lost her...He didn't dare think further. Seeing his dismay she leaned up and kissed him gently symboling a promise never to leave his arms....