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Welcome to my web site!   On this web site you well find info on my favorite band.System of a down

System of a down is a 1998 band when they first brouht out there first cd:System of a dow:After that they made a cd in 2001 called :Toxicity:Toxicity was a hit in the U.S.A and CANADA.But when they try'd to do a consert in the U.S.A there was a riot because police would not let them play and the crwod was made.So they took some of the band's stuff a trashed the place which left to tragedy.In 2002 the band made a cd called :Steal this album:Steal this album did not come with lyrics because they were just left overs from Toxicity.And that's all about Steal this album.In 2005 System of a down made two cd's called Mezmerize/Hypnotize.Mezmerize came out first and then in november Hypnotize came out.Hypnotize is a unique pakage that inserts into the Mezmerize pakage to form one chesive pakage.

Here I have a photo of System of a down.

Demon System of a down

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