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A Fans Fan Fic.

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"Bye! see ya soon!"
"Bye, Kagome, be careful!" yelled her mother as Kagome jumped down the well into feudal Japan.
"it's so nice to be back, inuyasha is probably worried sick, i've been gone for a week..."
kagome stopped in her tracks. She could sence the Shikon No Tama, and it was very close.
She ran to Keade's village and up to the hut. but when she looked inside to tell every one about the Jewel she senced she only saw the dead bodies of Miroku, Sango, Shippo, Kirara, and Keade. There was blood on the walls and the floor, it was everywhere. miroku's sutras were along the walls, but few were visible because of all the blood. Sango's boomarang was jamed in the back wall beside a burn mark with claw marks across it, that must have been where Kirara had attacked the enemy. Kagome walked futher into the hut, and saw that Keade had a bow. She was facing the entrence. Kagome looked back at the door to see two arrows sticking out beside the door on the right side. She turned back and looked at the roof and it was tinted blueish, probably by Shippo's foxfire. Whoever killed them was very powerful, and...
"no... the jewel had to be Naraku! only he would do somthing like this!"
Kagome ran out of the hut, but before she got to far she turned back and draged the bodies of her dead friends outside, dug holes and put them in. Before the sad miko poured durt over them she took Shippo's spining top, Sango's mask, a piece of cloth from both Miroku and Keade, and a hair from Kirara's head.
"Now I will always remember you..."
Her eyes clouded as she buried them and said some words to aid in their 'quest' to the other world.
kagome picked up the bow and arrows she brought out side with her and ran in the direction of "the light".
She ran throught the forest until she stood in front of the sacred tree only to see Inuyasha with Kikyo. She gasped as she looked up, Naraku's lifless body was pined to the tree with one of Kikyo's arrows. She looked back down again towards Inuyasha and Kikyo who were still locked in a kiss (???) and saw Inuyasha with Naraku's shards around his neck, but it was only missing three pieces, which is how many she had.
"That would mean..."
Inuyasha and Kikyo broke there kiss and looked into each others eyes. Kikyo's soal collectors came down and took her away,
"I'll see you soon, my love, and by then you should have the whole jewel in your possetion!"
Kikyo vanished into the blue sky. Inuyasha turned and looked at Kagome
"Inuyasha, did you k-"
"...why would you do something like that?..."
Kagome started to panic, if he had killed Koga, 'that would mean, he my have don't think that Kagome' she thought, 'no, no, no he would never have done that not even if it cost him his life'
"Kirara, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, Keade, Naraku, Koga, did you ?..." she just couldn't uder the next words,it was to much to bare
"I had to Kagome, they tryed to kill Kikyo..." he took a step towards her and she took a step back
"Kagome, I love Kikyo, but until I get all the shards from you she won't make love to me..."
Kagome was discusted with him why did she care... uh oh
"Kagome you are my property and I will do with you as I please, so don't struggle, It will be easier on both of us"
Kagome readied her bow and was just reaching for and arrow when a treak of yellow light slashed the bow in half. Inuyasha grabed her by the hair and pulled her off the ground up to eye level with him.
"you are mine now get that throught you head, sweetie"
Kagome was scared half to death, he had never called her sweetie before, meaning...
"INUYASHA LET ME GO!" Kagome burst into tears, to think he would ever do anything like that to her was behond her comprehention.
Inuyasha grabed hold of her shirt with his free hand
'its all over' thought Kagome 'its all over'
"Put her down you half-breed!" in a few seconds kagome was freed of Inuyasha's 'death grip'. she landed in someone's arms but didn't even look up at who it was.
Inuyasha landed infront of the great tree only to be bombarded by rocks.
As luck would have it one of the rocks hit the Shikon No Tama dead on, it craked. another rock was thrown in such an odd way that the Inuyasha didn't even see it coming. It hit the jewel again, from an odd angle. the almost complete Shikon No Tama, flew into the sky from the force of the rock and smached, yet again, into thousands of tiny shards.
"Damn! Kikyo is going to be so mad at me!" Inuyasha took of into the bushes in the opposite direction from which the rocks had been thrown from. Kagome looked up at the sky at where the jewel was just a minute ago. she looked at the man who had her in his arms but fainted before she knew what he looked like.^^

chapter 2

Kagome awoke the next morning laying beside the little girl that travelled with Sesshomaru. A-Un acted as a "pillow" when they sleep.
"Sesshomaru, what I winessed yesterday astonished me so..."
Kagome hear a voice talking with Sesshomaru, and decided to evsdrop, even though, she might be killed for it...
"lord Inutaishou, what will you do about the tetsuaiga? will you intust it to Sesshomaru, now that you know about Inuyasha's evil abitions?" that was Jaken speaking, she hated the little toad, he was so bothersome...
"my son, I will not give you the tetsaiga, but a more powerful sword, the Sounga."
Kagome just couldn't resist looking over the dragon to see what was going on, Sesshomaru and Inuyasha's father was duh Sesshomaru probably revived him with the tensaiga.
Kagome watched Inutaishou give Sesshomaru the evil sword.
"Sesshomaru, you no longer have to worry about its talking "problem" because I had its voice "removed", so you should have no problems with it, and so I think It would be a good idea if you and Kagome left together and tryed to find the jewel shards before Inuyasha, his goal will not be reached!"
Inutaishou flew away, and Kagome got a good look at him, he was much like Sesshomaru, except he only had two purple stripes on his face and no crescent moon on his forhead. He also looked a lot kinder then Sesshomaru.
"Wahcha do'in?" asked someone from behind her "my name is Rin, whats yours?"
"...Kagome..." she stood up, and Rin stood up
"I see you were following the whole conversation" Kagome turned around to see Sesshomaru standing right behind her.
"... ya I guess..." she looked at the ground "so now what, your father said we should find the shards together..."
"I guess so, and If you try to run away to that half-breed, I will personally see that you are "removed" from this group" Sesshomaru truned away and started walking west
"Kagome, you should ride on A-Un, the jorney will be long" said Jaken
"no thanks, I'll just walk"
Sesshomaru turned his head and gave her a hard stare.
"ya now, I think it might be fun to ride on a dragon..."
kagome quickly got on the dragon. Jaken got on too
"I thought you were going to walk..."
"heavens no, girl, why would I walk when everyone else is flying?"
Sesshomaru jumped up off the ground and and flew west-ward, A-Un followed.
The senery was beautiful, Kagome had never see the land like this before, Inuyasha never went this high off the ground, it made her sad to think about how he had killed her friends. but before
she asked Sesshomaru if he could revive them with the tensaiga, another thought came to mind:
what if Kikyo told Inuyasha go kill her family! before she never worried about such things, but the way he was now, she wouldn't be surprised if he agreed to it.
"Sesshomaru, we have to go back to the bone eaters well my fanily might be in danger from Inuyasha!" Sesshomaru didn't apeer to care.
"yes lord Sesshomaru?"
"take Rin and head for my castle, don't stop for anyone"
"yes my lord"
Sesshomaru grabed Kagome and flew of in the other direction, back towards the bone eaters well.
"I was wondering, I know this really isn't the best time, but how'd you get your arm back?"
"Inutaishou gave me a new one after I revived him."
"oh" the two flew off towards the bone eaters well, and kagome wondered if her family was still safe...from the new, evil, Inuyasha.


Well there it is, The author doesn't have a title yet but I assume one is coming, let me know what you think and I'll be glad to pass the info along to her.

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Kagome: What are we gonna do now?
she said as she cradled into his warmth further.
Sesshomaru: I wish I knew...The second my brother knows..
He stopped his words looking down at her. If he lost her...He didn't dare think further. Seeing his dismay she leaned up and kissed him gently symboling a promise never to leave his arms....