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Bobby's Anime Tribute

Anime Tribute ( Yu-gi-oh!)

Pg 2 YU-GI-OH!!!

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This is the page dedicated to another great anime, Yu-gi-oh. the story of yu- gi-oh is about one boy  who solved the puzzle and his life changed forever it begin with the pharo the pharo is a spirit that makes yugi changed when yugi is in a duel befor yugi was number one he had to beat kaiba kaiba is cool and so the duel began and yugi one but there was mroe to come duelits kingdom began yugi had to beat pegus the man who took yugis grampas soul when yugi made it to the top hem and pegus dueld but it was a shadow duelbut yugi one  

but the story does not stop there yugi then had to beat the new tournament but befor the fanlis yugi had to beat the big 5 but in the end yugi one but then he had to beat marrick when the duel began all seemd lost but yugi one it was the most hards duel he had in his life he will never ever forget that day

now to talk about joey joey is a relly cool guy he looks weak but get hem made and he will beat you in a dule and i have seen hem duel wow he is good at duel and i wood not like to be the guy or gril that fights joey in a dule did i tell you that yugi and joey are friends will now i did and now you know about joey

 Kaiba, How do describe a self centered lunatic who revolves around deauling? Hmmmm well for starters he is technicly the "second" best duelest in the game, he's surprsingly protevtive of little Mokeky and there are times where he slips and he's actually "nice" in his own sick little way. This Character has 2 functions in the show, he's the main rival on Yu-gi's part and is a good sourse for Joey when our favorite blonde needs to blow off some steam. I think Kaiba does his role in the show very well sometimes a little TO well and I whole hearitly give him two thumbs up. WAY TO GO KAIBA!!

Yugioh? Hmmmmmmm I love it to bits so deffianately a 10 outta ten!!


Favorite Episode so far!

 My favorite episode of Yu-Gi-Oh is the episode where Kaiba, Yu-gi, joey and Marrick faught each other as the four finalist in the battle city tournament, to negotiate who would challenge who in the final three rounds. I loved this episode because it was the first time I experianced a four way duel. Even though i've had my fair share of three way duels between me, my twin brother and our friend.

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